The Idea of Father of the Bride Speech Jokes and Humor

When delivering father of the bride speech jokes are a great addition to make this kind of message interesting. You must be hilarious and entertaining in order to maintain the attention of the audience. For some, it may be difficult to do this especially if they are not really that comical or goofy.

Father of the Bride Speech Jokes

Yet, you need to have sense of humor to attain this particular goal. If you like every person from the audience to keep listening to you be sure to add some jokes and funny lines.

In a wedding speech, there are parts with certain things to discuss. For the introduction, you may start it with a punch line or a funny wedding quote. This is how you can add father of the bride jokes for speech. Once you are at the middle part, which is the body, you can be also humorous by sharing funny anecdotes about your daughter. The ending part, known as the conclusion, must be somewhat sentimental. So, if possible, you just have to fully express your emotional side rather than your comical personality.

When giving father of the bride wedding speech jokes, there are important things to keep in mind. The first one is that you must not humiliate or embarrass your daughter in front of her husband and friends. This means that you must avoid sharing stories or compliments that may cause her to feel that way. Instead, she needs to feel special and important which is what you must do. The second one is that your jokes must be friendly to both children and adults. Otherwise, some people may feel offended which leave them the impression that you are a bad wedding speaker to them. As much as possible, do not sound to be pathetic and cheap when making some funny father of the bride speeches jokes. Just give the necessary funny lines at the right moment.

All these are important tips to remind yourself when you need to make a wedding speech. Before you start writing your own father of bride speech jokes must be thoroughly researched. Spend some time reading examples and tips on how to add humor to a speech.

If you write a father of the bride speech funny lines and jokes are the elements that make it very interesting. It is easy to do this if you have some ideas, so you better read samples of funny father of the bride speeches.


  1. It helps a lot if you are a little bit humorous when giving a father of the bride speech. Believe me because I did it myself during the wedding of my youngest daughter a few months ago. A wedding speech is something serious and very sentimental to give but when you add hilarity like jokes and funny stories can add more incredible moments. Besides, you have to entertain everybody and not just the newlyweds. There must be a variety in a wedding speech to make it really interesting. When I spoke in front of our relatives, friends and guests, I can tell from their eyes and smiles that they enjoyed my short wedding speech. I don’t think I can get great reactions and feedback if I was not that funny and entertaining.

  2. It was my first time to speak in a wedding. You do not have the chance to say no to a wedding speech when your daughter is getting married. So, I tried my best to give the most interesting speech. After reading some tips from articles online, I learned that humor has a big impact in drawing the attention of audience. Well, you do not only talk to the groom and the bride. You are actually going to speak to all people from the audience. Since there are new faces, I thought about making an impression. When I added some jokes and funny stories, the entire presentation of my speech was successful. I was glad I added some interesting details because they entertain others including people you have met for the first time.

  3. I believe that giving a father of the bride speech with a little bit humor to it will make everybody pay attention to you. It is a great way to entertain them even during a very short message. When I used funny stories about the childhood of my daughter, most of the guests were entertained and enjoyed me sharing all those things. I really do believe that starting your message with simple jokes can easily steal the attention and prepare the audience to listen to your speech, just like what I did with the last wedding speech I’ve presented. Another thing about funny father of the bride speech is that you put not too much jokes or funny stories as this can spoil the whole message and may get rid of the significance of it. Just keep the wedding speech light but very interesting to make it a memorable speech. If I were able to do this, you too can make it by adding a few lines of jokes and funny anecdotes.

  4. I agree that in composing a father of the bride speech it is important to make it interesting. This was my goal when I needed to make a wedding speech for my daughter a week ago. An interesting speech must not only compliment the newlyweds but also entertain the entire guests. When I wrote my wedding speech, I started with nice jokes to capture the attention of everybody and I found that it worked. Facing so many people can make you feel like you’re trembling and really sweaty. I felt nervous before I could talk, but with proper arrangement of my speech and additional jokes as well as funny stories helped ease those tensions that I was having. So, don’t be afraid to recall and share some old funny stories about your daughter or add wedding jokes as they can add entertainment to the wedding speech. Just be sure that your funny jokes and stories are appropriate and very good to hear.

  5. Funny quotes, jokes and hilarious stories about your daughter or the couple are good contents of a wedding speech for the father of the bride. Why humorous stories and jokes are so very important to any speech? Because this is one of the things that make the entire guest get interested to listen to you. One of the most ideal humors that I added in my wedding speech was the positive stories of my daughter from her childhood days to her teenage years until she met her lawful husband. Even though I’m not her closed friend in the family compared to my wife, I was still proud of sharing some stories and jokes. For me, as a father of the bride and based on my experience in composing a wedding speech, I would probably say that it is not bad to tell or say what your heart tries to reveal about and toward your daughter and son-in-law. Although, it is still nice to consider giving humor to the speech.

  6. Sometimes, there are words that we actually put in our message that we don’t even think the feelings of anybody especially in a wedding speech. Fathers, like me, have the privilege to write what they want to about the bride, the groom, and relatives or even closed friends of the bride. Regardless of what you share, it is important to include humor to the father of the bride speech, because this is what the entire audience wants to hear and know. Essential tips given from this post has a big contribution on how to add humor to a father of the bride speech. It is also a big consideration to check if the jokes and humor are positive and friendly. They must not hurt anyone’s feelings, especially the newlyweds.

  7. When I composed my wedding speech for my daughter’s wedding, I added a little humor to it. I gathered some helpful information about how to add humor from my wife, friends and Internet where I read this article post. It is a big help if there are ideas that you can get from different sources. I’m glad I was able to find this information from this page as they are complete. Making the speech with humor was not a big deal to me. I had only a few minutes finishing it up then I let my wife checked it. She was even amazed by how I made the first draft for the first time. I didn’t believe her until my daughter had to tell me after her wedding how she appreciated my speech.

  8. When my friend invited me to come to his daughter’s wedding I felt glad because they are not only a close friend but also a family to us. Anyway, when my friend started his speech he did lots of movements that should be avoided when speaking in front of people. He was also so serious that it had become so boring. That’s when I taught myself that I won’t do the same thing when I have to deliver my speech once my daughter gets married. Well, after a year, my daughter got engaged and I knew I had to make a speech. I remembered what I needed to do when I have to present a wedding speech. I felt glad and satisfied delivering a fantastic father of the bride speech. Jokes in my father of the bride speech were effective in entertaining the whole audience. I was surprised and ecstatic with the result of my speech as many congratulated me for delivering a good speech.

  9. I had no any clue how to make a speech that is very entertaining and memorable to the newlyweds and their guests. I didn’t know how to compose a wedding speech but I was afraid of not being able to make it. With the encouragement and help of my wife and friends, I gained the right motivation to research for information and tips about how to make one. When the master of ceremony called my name I began to feel nervous like I wanted to run and leave the stage. But I had no choice but to go up to the stage and express all the emotions including jokes that I made for the speech. Well, it was not a bad speech presentation at all and finished it with a big smile on my face. The outcome of my speech was terrific because I made everyone entertained especially my daughter and her new husband.

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