Father of the Bride Cufflinks – Importance of Wearing Cufflinks

Father of the bride cufflinks are one of the wedding gifts a bride has to give to her dad. These are accessories usually worn during wedding events. It is vital that a bride gives her dad something symbolic as a sign of love and gratitude toward her father. You are not born without your parents so it is important that you thank them during your special day. Yes, cufflinks for father of the bride are given at the day of the big and joyful occasion.

Father of the Bride Cufflinks

What are wedding cufflinks?

Cufflinks are types of accessories that match formal attire such as tuxedos. They are the modern buttons attached on the wrist side of formal wear. They replaced the traditional buttons. They are newer, more stylish and more elegant. They can really enhance the side of the sleeves of tuxedos.

Is there a variety of cufflinks?

Like buttons, there are many choices of cufflinks to select from. They differ in colors, sizes and materials. Most of them are categorized as groom and father of the bride cufflinks. Some are designed to be simple but can still boost beautiful formal attire. Others are elegant and very unique in style.

Can you customize cufflinks?

There are cufflinks that you can customize. This means that they can be personally designed with names or small wordings. If you want to give something personalized to your dad, you may choose father of the bride cufflinks engraved. A pair of cufflinks can become a keepsake if it is personalized especially if the name of your father is engraved on it. Your dad is surely going to like a gift like that.

What are the best types of cufflinks to give to a father?

The selection of father of bride cufflinks is based on your own preference and taste. If you have a good sense of style, it won’t be difficult to find one. Besides, choosing a pair of cufflinks is just like buying for a dress that you want to wear and own. This means that you choose based on what you like, what you think is the best and what is attractive for you. However, you have to consider what your dad is going to like and not what you like since this kind of accessory is for your dad. He is going to wear it on your most special and memorable day. So, try to focus on what he will like the best.

Among the famous choices of father of bride cufflinks gold is a great material to choose. It is original and with high value. Plus, any gold material can give good enhancement no matter how simple the attire is. This is certainly a good accessory to add to the tuxedo of your father for your wedding.

Father of the bride wedding cufflinks silver in color and pearl in material are also good choices. You may consider from any of these depending on your choice and budget. Just make sure that the color and style are going to match the formal dress of your father.

Where can you buy cufflinks for fathers?

Father of the bride wedding cufflinks are everywhere. This means you can easily buy them at any local stores, jewelry shop and wedding boutiques. You can even order via the Internet which is a better place to find some of the best styles and unique designs. Plus, it is easier to choose if you go online because you do not have to bother yourself going from one store to another just to look for the best pair. You just have to sit down and place your order after a few minutes of finding the perfect cufflinks.

What to remember when buying for cufflinks?

It is more practical if you can buy for father of the bride wedding cufflinks and tie pin set. This is to avoid wasting more time looking for the matching tie pin. You can also save some cash if you buy a set of accessories that include cufflinks, tie pins, necklace and probably wrist watch too.

Keep in mind that you always match the color of cufflinks to the color of the tuxedo. It does not mean that you have to choose the same color. The color of cufflinks must enhance the attire. for example if the tuxedo is white it is much better to choose father of the bride wedding cufflinks black in color.

Do not worry because father of the bride wedding cufflinks do not require you a lot of time to buy for the perfect pair. Just follow what is needed then you can have the right choice.

Your most concentration aside from father of the bride cufflinks is your wedding speech. Remember that you have to include your thanks to your father as well as mother during your wedding speech. You have to read samples and go to source of information that consists different tips for bride speech, groom speech, father of the bride speech and mother of the bride speech.


  1. I thought cufflinks are just accessories for wedding attire. They actually mean more and symbolize a much deeper meaning. I have to agree with the statement from this article that it is “a sign of gratitude and love” by the bride to her father. When my daughter gave me a pair of beautiful cufflinks, there was a note attached in the box that made me shed some tears. The idea of giving your father a very simple token like cufflinks is priceless. I felt the love, appreciation and sincerity of my daughter when I received the wedding cufflinks. If you are a father, you definitely want to experience the same. If you are a daughter who is going to be bride, I suggest that you add your personal message to the box of the cufflinks you are going to give to your dad.

  2. Customized cufflinks are a great idea. I got married five months ago and I gave my dad a pair of cufflinks that were customized. I thought about giving him something he can keep and cherish for the rest of his life. Since cufflinks symbolize a lot of things, the idea of making them personalized paid off. My dad couldn’t stop crying the moment I handed him this pair. It was a small but very meaningful gift for him. I think every bride wants to witness tears especially from a loving and caring father’s eyes. Well, I was happy when I saw my dad feeling too excited and humbled about everything including the cufflinks.

  3. I believe that every father must look presentable when the big day of his daughter happens. I felt this the morning my daughter got married in a church. Prior to that, I thought of the best beautiful wedding attire I could wear for the special occasion. Several months ago when my daughter got engaged, I started preparing myself to take enough time to find a good dress. I thought that I should be the second most handsome man on her wedding day because I believed I was special to her life too. But no matter how expensive and beautiful the suit is, people would still have to find a pair of cufflinks. I’m glad that my daughter gave me beautiful cufflinks which accentuated the tuxedo I bought. Well, cufflinks are not just accessories or something that can make you look good but they are a sign of gratitude and love from a very caring daughter.

  4. Cufflinks are one of the most important accessories of any father of the bride. You can find two common colors of cufflinks which are black and white. When my daughter got married to a handsome man, it came to my mind the idea of being presentable on the day they’re getting married too. I knew that I should not outshine the groom but at least I would look better than his dad or any from the groomsmen. But I realized that’s not really important. I remembered that there are cufflinks to wear and I just hoped my daughter would give me one because that’s how you can find out how much she means to you. To my expectation, she gave me a pair of beautiful white cufflinks. I noticed when I wore the cufflinks, they adds a classier look on my tux. I felt okay actually so there was no any complaint at all.

  5. Cufflinks are traditional accessories worn by father of the bride and father of the groom. My daughter gave me a beautiful pair of cufflinks too. She handed me a box with a note of sweet words from here. I felt so grateful and proud of her. These may be small buttons that you thought are just accents on a wedding suit but they signify deeper than that actually. You would only feel the essence of having cufflinks if you wear them and especially if your own daughter gives them to you directly. You would feel completely successful as a father to your daughter if you receive cufflinks. I did experience that for the first time and it felt so good.

  6. I had no idea about what cufflinks are until my daughter gave me a beautiful pair. I asked about the use of it. She smiled and said “Dad, this is a symbol of my debt of gratitude and I want to see this with your tuxedo on”. So, I quickly smiled back and replied “okay but I don’t know what you call this”. It was what most people are talking about – cufflinks. I didn’t really care what the name of that but I was sure I felt so good knowing that my daughter was thankful for me. I was grateful for that.

  7. I would say that cufflinks helped me look a lot more recognizable as the father of the bride during the wedding of my daughter. People who I didn’t know were shaking hands with me. I oven overheard some thinking that I was the father. Cufflinks are one of those things that can really confirm the father of the bride. In my case, that’s not all. I would say that cufflinks are the symbol of a daughter’s love toward her dad. It’s not only an accessory that make you look really good as part of the wedding entourage. My daughter picked what she thought was the best pair that suited me. She chose white pearl with black ring on the outside. The tuxedo I was wearing was silver so you can just imagine how easy to identify the cufflinks were.

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